Highlander Worldwide Service

Reaching across six continents, Highlander’s service stations are the cornerstone of the company’s quality assurance system. We do everything possible to ensure that your equipment is repaired speedily and effectively by providing expert technicians and spare parts stocks in seaports across the globe. We also have a team of

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factory engineers whom we can dispatch at a moment’s notice under special and urgent circumstances.

Warranty Guidelines

Highlander is ISO 9001 certified and operates on the basis of total quality assurance.
Highlander guarantees its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is made possible because the company operates under a total quality assurance system, underwritten by ISO 9001 documented manufacturing. All members of the Highlander supply chain are deeply engaged in this system just as all employees of the company, including factory floor workers, design and industrial engineers, after-sales service staff, sales and administrative personnel. When a breakage to equipment does however occur within the stipulated time of warranty, customers are advised to initiate a service request using the online form, clearly stating that warranty coverage is being claimed. Once authorization is received from the Highlander central service centre, our customer may proceed with engaging one of Highlander’s service providers, knowing that the cost of parts will be covered by Highlander. Cost of labour may or may not be covered, in accordance with contractual terms. Travel costs are subject to chronometric and kilometric limits. In any case, it is imperative that prior authorization from Highlander be obtained for warranty service. Moreover, the decision of whether to repair a defective part or replace it lies entirely with Highlander. Once the warranty period has come to its end, Highlander continues to provide support during the product’s lifetime through its Worldwide service network.

Training of Service Engineers

Highlander is ISO 9001 certified and operates on the basis of total quality assurance.

Hands-on work is emphasized.

Technical training courses are often held at the premises of Highlander’s service providers

The mainstay of the Highlander technical support equation is training. Even though Highlander is known for designing service-friendly equipment, there is no escaping the fact that special skills and knowledge are required to perform technical maintenance on it. Technical training is one of the busiest parts of the Highlander company. Classroom courses are conducted throughout the year in Highlander training centres and in locations of opportunity around the Globe. Many of Highlander’s technical training courses are actually held at the premises of its service providers. Emphasis is placed on learning by doing hands-on work as a balance to theoretical teaching. Students are furnished with complete technical manuals and training materials. And in special cases training aboard ship is arranged.

Discontinued Product

It is common knowledge that electronics change continously and that components can go into obsolescence over a remarkably short time. In light of this, Highlander goes all out to design products that utilize the very latest componentry and so forestall their becoming outdated for as long as possible. Yet the finite nature of electronics remains so and for this reason, along with the compelling need to innovate, Highlander modernizes its products on a regular basis. When a product is taken out of production due to the introduction of a newer model, Highlander undertakes to continue producing spare parts for it for as long as is reasonably possible. In most cases this time period is set at ten years. The current list of discontinued Highlander products is shown here below:
Name and Model Spare Parts Until
Voyage data recorder HLD-A No Longer Available
Voyage data recorder HLD-A1 No Longer Available
Voyage data recorder HLD-A2s No Longer Available
Simplified Voyage data recorder HLD-S No Longer Available
Voyage data recorder HLD-B2 Still Available
Simplified Voyage data recorder HLD-S2 Still Available

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